The Journal


Permaculture Principles

line drawing of plants and sun

12 principles of permaculture and permaculture resources

Vermicomposting 101

line drawing of worms

Raising composting worms for low-cost biologically-rich organic fertilizer

Composting 101

line drawing of compost material

Convert organic waste into garden-ready humus through traditional composting

Soil Texture Test

line drawing of triangle diagram

Begin to understand the basic structure and behavior of your soil

Seed Starting

line drawing of seeds and soil blocks

Pollination, seed anatomy, and starting seeds using soil blocks

Macronutrients: Nitrogen

line cow in field with manure

The basic role of Nitrogen in the garden for plant and soil health

Seed Potatoes

line drawing of potatoes

The very basics of selecting and planting no-till potatoes


hugelkutur line drawing

Storing and capturing carbon in the garden for soil health

Korean Natural Farming Techniques

Lactic Acid Bacteria

line drawing lactic acid bacteria in jar

Cultivate Lactic Acid Bacteria for improving plant and soil health

Fermented Plant Juice

line drawing of fermeting plant material

Ferment local plant material to provide natural nutrients to your gardens

Water Soluble Calcium

line drawing of egg shells in jar

Extract calcium from eggshells for direct use in the garden

Animal Care

Beekeeping Financials

line drawing of bee in dollar signs

A list of everything we bought in the first year of beekeeping

Beekeeping Diary

line drawing of book with honeycomb

Weekly diary entries from hive inspections and notes in our first year of beekeeping

In the Kitchen


line drawing of ferment jar and recipe cards

Fermenting tools list and a collection of recipes