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Beekeeping Financial Report


We started beekeeping in 2023 and I have been tracking all of our expenses associated with getting started. Beekeeping can be costly to get into, but I hope by sharing our experience both at the beginning and as time goes on it will help new beekeepers to have a better grasp of the financial commitment before they dive in.

2023 Expenses

Last updated: 06/03/2023

Date Item Vendor Cost Notes
02/16 Beekeeping Kit Blue Ridge Bee Co $228.34*
02/23 Vented Gloves Mann Lake $39.90 Two pairs
02/23 ProVent Suit Mann Lake $299.90 Two suits
02/23 Bee Brush Mann Lake $8.95
03/13 Entrance Feeder Northwest Hardware $8.00
03/13 Varroa Check Northwest Hardware $25.00
03/21 Two Medium Supers + 20 Frames Blue Ridge Bee Co $101.00
04/26 Nuc Local seller $200.00 included delivery
05/15 SHB Traps (4) Northwest Hardware $12.00
06/01 Hopguard (10 pack), Reusable SHB traps (3) Mann Lake $75.00 includes $12 shipping

It's important to note that we were encouraged to start with a minimum of two hives in the first year, but for financial and personal reasons chose to start with one, understanding the risks and challenges this decision may have.

*Beekeeping kit total included telescoping cover, inner cover, deep box with 10 frames, two medium boxes with 10 frames each, large smoker, hive tool, and bottom board.